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(ver.24/01 subject to modifications)
It invalidates and replaces any previous regulation.
Effective from January 2024

General information
  1. The facility is dedicated to adults with a homosexual or bisexual tendency who are looking for services and meeting places specifically intended for them. The attendees must profess an open and tolerant orientation in matters of customs, progressive concerning individual freedoms, self-expression of personality and the rights of minorities, respect for the privacy and needs of others.
  2. Entry to minors is not allowed.
  3. The use of the facility is at your own risk. It is recommended that you read all the instructions carefully. People prone to cardiovascular problems must refrain from using the facility. The management expressly declines any responsibility for any accidents occurring to guests in unsuitable physical conditions. These guests are also excluded from any insurance coverage. In case of doubt, it is recommended to undergo a medical examination certifying the suitability to attend the venue.
  4. People with diseases that may upset the other guests are not allowed. Entry is also forbidden to people with open wounds, suffering from skin diseases, or who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The use of the facility may be forbidden to people suffering from particular diseases or, whose behavior suggests negative repercussions on its activities.
  5. It is necessary to protect yourself from contagions of sexually transmitted diseases, for example by using lubricants and condoms made available free of charge.
  6. By purchasing the entrance ticket and accessing the facility, the guest accepts the provisions of these internal regulations, as well as all the directives issued for the maintenance of operational safety. The internal regulations are binding for all guests. The purpose of the regulation is to ensure the safety, order, and cleanliness of the structure for the benefit of everyone, as well as to ensure guests' use of the venue as comfortable as possible.
  7. Management assumes no responsibility for the loss of valuable personal effects, money, and clothing. Any liability for damage or loss of glasses, watches, jewelry, clothing, or others is also excluded. The provision of a cloakroom locker does not justify any custody obligation on the part of GOTHICSAUNA. It is the guest’s responsibility to lock the lockers, check that they are properly closed, and keep the key. Furthermore, any liability for the return of lost and found items by persons other than the legitimate owner is excluded.
  8. In the event of damage/accidents, harassing customers, or other abnormal situations, the staff must be notified immediately.
  9. Lost items found inside the structure must be delivered to the cashier. Whoever takes possession of a lost object commits the crime of embezzlement. Lost items will be treated according to the law.
  10. It is formally forbidden for our customers to offer or accept money in exchange for sexual services within our premises. Any infringement of this rule causes permanent expulsion of both offenders.
  11. The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  1. Prices displayed at the cashier constitute the main reference.
  2. The entrance is unique, the exit is final. Upon request, a return receipt is issued at a reduced price for the same day. Refunds or reimbursements are not admitted in case of exits after a short stay.
  3. The management assumes no responsibility in the event of loss of loyalty cards or season tickets. The loss implies their replacement with new virgin cards. The season ticket must be purchased again at full price. Subscribers are advised to always keep the physical card with them. GOTHICSAUNA assumes no responsibility for customers who have the subscription deposited at the reception. Any type of card is personal, non-transferable except special gift vouchers.
  4. The loss of the key must be promptly reported to the reception. This is to avoid unwanted “visits” to your locker as well as to prevent any drinks made in the meantime from being charged to their rightful owner. For the loss of the key, a flat fee of 100 CHF will be charged for the replacement of the locker cylinder. The amount will be returned to the customer if the key is found within 48 hours of loss upon presentation of the deposit receipt.
  5. Entrance is valid until closing time.
Opening hours
  1. The opening hours are shown on signs displayed in the venue.
  2. In the event of closure or failure of individual parts of the system (for example for technical problems or safety reasons), there is no right to reduce the entrance price.
  3. In any case, the exit from the pool and other areas is scheduled at the latest 15 minutes before closing. Please, leave the facility by closing time.
  4. The bar closes 30 minutes before closing time.
  5. We reserve the right to start the closing work one hour before the closing time in case of low turnout. It is therefore advisable to enter more than an hour before closing, as the reception service is no longer guaranteed after that hour.
Behavior within the structure
  1. Guests are required to behave in such a way as not to compromise the regular functioning of the facility, to have respect for the venue and its equipment, as well as to behave civilly. It is also recommended to keep the same behavior outside and in the immediate vicinity of the structure, for the tranquility of the residents of the neighborhood.
  2. It is not allowed to wear swimsuits or thongs.
  3. Guests are personally liable for damage caused by themselves.
  4. Access to the facility is permitted only on bare feet or with swimming pool sandals.
  5. Before using the tub, the sauna, and the Turkish bath, it is necessary to take a shower.
  6. Inappropriate use, as well as modification of present installations and equipment, is forbidden. In this case, any liability for accidents is excluded. Unauthorized behavior can lead to liability claims as well as claims for material damage.
  7. Smoking is only allowed in the dedicated room.
  8. Customers are prohibited from accessing technical rooms and other rooms for use by internal staff. The management declines all responsibility in case of accidents reported by guests in these areas.
Behavior in the saunas
  1. It is always necessary to take a shower before using the tub and after using the sauna and Turkish bath.
  2. In the saunas, it is mandatory to sit or lie down on a towel.
  3. The infusions in the saunas can only be carried out by the staff in charge. We decline any responsibility in case of improper behavior on the part of the guests. It is strictly forbidden to pour essence with an intense aroma, or flammable essential oils in the infusions. Failure to comply with this prohibition entails serious risks to personal safety and the life of other users, as these substances ignite and can cause fires in the sauna.
  4. Chairs and sunbeds are available to all guests free of charge. It is therefore not permitted to occupy them long-term with bath towels or hand towels.
  1. The staff is responsible for ensuring safety, tranquility, order, and compliance with the internal regulations. The dispositions of the staff must always be respected, without exception.
  2. The staff has the right to remove from the facility people who jeopardize safety, tranquility, and order, who annoy other customers, who are responsible for material damage, who violate the dispositions of the internal regulations despite warnings, that are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances. Anyone who contravenes these dispositions will be denounced for trespassing.
  3. People referred to in paragraph 2 may have temporarily or permanently denied access to the facility. The communication of the prohibition of access takes place first orally by the staff and subsequently in writing by the management. For the purposes of applying the internal regulations, the staff is authorized to take a photograph of the person against whom the ban is declared. The picture will be delivered to the cashier as an aid to identification. In case of necessary removal from the venue, the cost of the entrance ticket will not be refunded.
  4. In caso di necessario allontanamento dalla struttura il costo del biglietto di ingresso non verrà rimborsato.
Special Dispositions
  1. The premises are under video surveillance for safety reasons.
  2. Bicycles and animals are not allowed in the facility.
  3. For hygienic reasons, it is not allowed to visit the facility in everyday clothing.
  4. “Dirty sex” practices are forbidden. People caught in such practices will be permanently removed from the venue and a flat fee of 300 CHF will also be charged for cleaning.
  5. The use of cameras or devices of any kind for audio and/or video recording is not permitted in the facility.
  6. It is not allowed to use glass consumer goods (such as bottles, glasses, etc.) outside the bar area to avoid possible injuries.
  7. It is not allowed to bring food or drinks inside the venue.