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What is Gothicsauna?
Gothicsauna is a wellness center equipped with all the infrastructure to spend pleasant moments, favoring the encounter among gay and bisexual men.
Do you organize events?
Of course. There are dedicated days every week. For example, “Bisex Tuesday”, when the sauna is also open to women, cross-dressers, and transexual people. On Fridays, with a reduced entrance fee for young people under 30 from 19 to 24. Once a month, there is also the theme night “Fluonight”, among other things. Register to our newsletter to stay up to date.
How does “Fluonight” take place?
It is a well-attended evening also because the sauna closes late, the lights are dimmed, a welcome cocktail is served, and there is good music. You receive a bright-colored bracelet that indicates whether you are top, bottom, or versatile.

Opening hours and dedicated days

What times does the sauna close?

The sauna closes at the following times: See Info. The closing times indicate when all customers must have already checked out to close the cashier and, therefore, have exited the facility. Everyone is responsible for organizing in time to take the last shower and get dressed. To facilitate the closing operations for the staff, the service at the bar as well as the machinery (sauna, Turkish bath, and tub) are suspended half an hour before closing time. The reception service is no longer guaranteed 1 hour before closing time.

What are the busiest days and times?
We open at 14:00 (on Mondays at 11:30 except festive days) and already from 14:30 there are many customers.
How many people are there at the moment? Are there young people?
We do not give information regarding presence in real time.

Prices and payment methods

What are the accepted payment methods?
In addition to cash payment – also in Euros – we accept the following debit or credit cards: VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Postcard, and TWINT.
Do I need any membership card?
You do not need any special card, just be of legal age in possession of an identity document.
What is included in the entrance fee?
The entrance fee includes an unlimited stay until closing time and the use of all the spaces of the venue. You have at your disposal two towels, a pair of sandals, hair gel, body cream, hairdryers, etc. Drinks and snacks at the bar, merchandise on display, the rental of a bathrobe, and additional towels are not included.
Is it possible to make a reservation?
It is not necessary or possible to make a reservation. The venue is large enough to accommodate all customers.
Are there season tickets, discounts, or reductions?

There are discounts for regular customers, reduced prices for young people and students, and season tickets. See Prices

Who can enter?

I am not gay, can I still come?
All opening days – except Tuesdays that are extended to bisexual couples, cross-dressers, and transexual people – can come gay and bisexual people or “open-minded” straight men. Admission is always bound to respect for the other. Historically, Gothicsauna is a place frequented mainly by gay/bisexual customers, so maximum tolerance is required even on mixed days.
We are a straight couple, when can we come?
Tuesday entrance is extended also to bisexual couples, cross-dressers, and transexual people. Gay, bisexual people, or “open-minded” straight men can also come. Admission is always bound to respect for the other. Historically, Gothicsauna is a place frequented mainly by gay/bisexual customers, so maximum tolerance is required even on mixed days.
Is the sauna a swinger club for straight couples?
Gothicsauna has always been frequented mainly by gay/bisexual single men. Couples can attend the sauna on Tuesdays (except festive days) but the customers must take into account the presence of single people.
I am bisexual, will I be comfortable?
Gothicsauna is definitely a place for you.
I am elderly, will I feel comfortable?
We have customers of all ages. We only ask for autonomy in mobility as the place is on three levels with many stairs. The use of crutches to move around the venue is not allowed because is too dangerous.
I am young, when can I meet people around my age?
We always have a varied clientele. For young people there are always discounts, in particular for Fridays after 19, when the price for under 30s is further reduced.See Info
Also the theme night such as “Fluonight” are frequented by many young people.
I am disabled, can I enter?
It is necessary that the customer with disability has autonomy of mobility, insofar as the venue is on three levels with many stairs and wet floor areas. For these reasons, for instance the use of crotches to move around the venue is not possible.
I like to cross-dress, can I do it?
The only day where it is allowed to wear clothes when moving around the sauna is Tuesday, the mixed day. It is not allowed to enter the hydromassage tub with clothes on.

During the visit

What should I bring?
Included in the entrance fee we provide two towels and sandals. You will also have available hair gel, body cream, hairdryer, etc.
Can I wear a bathing suit?
For hygienic reasons and customs in the Nordic saunas, it is not allowed to wear swimsuits or other clothes. However, you cover yourself with the bath towels provided. Bathrobes are available for rent.
Can I have dinner?
Snacks and a-la-carte meals are available at our bar. It is not allowed to bring food or drinks with you.
Can I bring food or drinks?
It is not allowed to bring food or drinks with you. Snacks and a-la-carte meals are available at our bar.

How to get to the sauna?

Is there a possibility of parking for cars near your sauna?
The new Santa Lucia car park open 24/24 is very comfortable and convenient. There are several other possibilities in the adjacent streets or via Tesserete where after 7 pm you can park in the bus lane.
Which public transport stops are nearby?
We are very close to the stops of the TPL bus line 4 Vicolo Vecchio or line 5 Santa Lucia.
I arrive by train, is it easy to reach you?
We are 450m away from the Lugano train station.

Respect & Privacy

Can I use my mobile phone inside the sauna?
Yes. The use of mobile phones is allowed but limited to the bar and changing rooms.
Where do I leave my personal belongings? Is it safe?
The sauna provides lockers with keys. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the locker is well closed, and the key is always kept avoiding theft. A video surveillance system also increases safety in the changing room.
Are there any cameras?
For your safety, ours, and that of the other users, there are CCTV cameras. The video surveillance system is managed according to the strict Swiss privacy regulations.